Conference themes for abstract submission:

 1. Advanced synthetic polymer chemistry and polymeric materials

2. Biological functional polymers and Advanced biomaterials for healthcare and medical use

3. Nanomaterials and Smart Materials

4. Materials characterisation, rheology, modelling and simulation, bulk and surface analysis

5. Polymers and Environmental sustainability: Polymer recycling and composting, Ocean plastic reduction, Environmental Improvements and Solutions

6. Polymers for agriculture and horticulture: Pastoral materials and polymers, Food polymers

7. Natural occurring polymers: Forest and Marine materials and products

8. Commercial plastics processing and production, smart packaging

9. Polymers for additive manufacturing (3D/4D printing) and other processing technologies

10. Polymer for optoelectronics, microphotonics, sensing and batteries

11. Aggregation Induced Emission (AIE) mechanisms, novel luminogens, biomedical imaging, theranostics, and optoelectronic applications

12. Photovoltaic materials and devices for polymer solar cells, the electrochemistry of conducting polymers

13. Polymers for separation membrane and gas adsorption

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