Prof. Vincent Craig

Prof. Vincent Craig leads the colloids group in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the Australian National University. He completed both his B.Sc. (Honours in Chemistry in 1992) and Ph.D. degrees (jointly in Applied Maths and Chemistry in 1997) at the ANU before postdoctoral positions at UC Davis, California and the University of Newcastle, NSW.

He was awarded an ARC Postdoctoral fellowship in 1998, an ARC Research Fellowship in 2001 and an ARC Future Fellowship in 2009. His research contributions are in a number of areas including surface force measurement where he has extended the range of materials that can be studied and has made significant contributions to our understanding of the influence of roughness, our understanding of the forces between hydrophobic surfaces and boundary slip. In the field of surfactant adsorption he has revealed that the kinetics of surfactant adsorption can be very slow when aggregates are present on the surface but not in bulk. In his studies on electrolytes he has described and codified the effect of ions on bubble coalescence and demonstrated the existence of the fundamental ion specific series that apply across all solvents and is now applying this understanding to polyelectrolytes.


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